Press Release 2022. 07. 07

Innorna and BeiGene Launch Strategic Collaboration to Develop Innovative mRNA Products

BeiGene and Innorna will jointly proceed with the research and development of several mRNA-LNP projects, and BeiGene will obtain the exclusive global development and commercialization rights of the candidate products from these projects.


BeiGene will also receive a non-exclusive license to use Innorna's proprietary LNP technology to support its internal research and development efforts.


Beijing, China, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and Basel, Switzerland- July 6, 2022 - BeiGene (NASDAQ Code: BGNE; HKEX Code: 06160; SSE Code: 688235), is a science-based global biotechnology company focused on developing innovative and affordable medicines, aiming to improve treatment outcomes and increase access to medicines for patients around the world. The Company today announced that it has entered into a global strategic collaboration with Innorna. Innorna is a biotechnology company specializing in LNP delivery technology and mRNA drug research and development. This cooperation is dedicated to developing mRNA products with Innorna's innovative technology platform.


Dr. Lai Wang, Head of Global R&D of BeiGene, said, "As a global biotech company, BeiGene is committed to promoting the development of next-generation therapies through a strong internal R&D system and leveraging the cutting-edge technologies of experienced and innovative partners. This cooperation with Innorna will be able to advance and support our R&D in the important field of mRNA therapeutics, as well as provide us with a platform for significant proprietary delivery technology."


Under the terms of the agreement, Innorna will receive an initial payment from BeiGene and will be entitled to additional payments and tiered royalties based on research and development progress, registration progress, and commercialization milestones achieved in the mRNA-LNP collaborative research program. BeiGene will have exclusive worldwide development and commercialization rights to the mRNA-LNP products jointly developed by both parties.


In addition, by granting BeiGene a non-exclusive license to use its proprietary LNP technology platform, Innorna will receive an additional down payment and be entitled to additional milestone payments.


Dr. Linxian Li, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Innorna, said, "We are very excited to collaborate with BeiGene to explore and develop innovative mRNA therapeutics and to support BeiGene's internal research and development efforts with our company's LNP technology. The success of several COVID-19 vaccines demonstrates that mRNA and LNP technologies will likely play an important role in future drug development and have the potential to be applied to broader therapeutic areas beyond vaccines. This collaboration with BeiGene represents a major step forward towards this goal."


About Innorna


Innorna is a platform-based biotechnology company focused on developing innovative mRNA and LNP technologies to rapidly and accurately produce therapeutic proteins in cells. Existing vectors face the challenge of inaccurate delivery to target cells, resulting in an inability to maximize the potential of mRNA to produce therapeutic proteins. Innorna has developed a proprietary diversity-directed LNP platform capable of delivering mRNA safely and efficiently into target cells in different therapeutic scenarios. The commercialization of this innovative platform technology will provide patients around the world with safer and more effective mRNA medicines. For more information, please visit our website at


About BeiGene


BeiGene is a science-based global biotechnology company focused on developing innovative, affordable medicines to improve outcomes and access to medicines for patients worldwide. The Company's broad drug portfolio currently includes more than 40 clinical candidates. The company accelerates the development of diversified and innovative drug pipelines by strengthening independent research and development capabilities and cooperation. We are committed to comprehensively improving access to medicines for more than 2 billion people worldwide by 2030. BeiGene has built a team of more than 8,000 people on five continents worldwide. For more information, please visit