Awards 2024. 01. 22

2023 Venture50 Announced: Innorna Ranked on Two Lists

On January 16, 2024, the results of the 2023 Venture50 selection results initiated by Zero2IPO Entrepreneurship and Investment Community, China's leading comprehensive entrepreneurship and investment service organization, were finally announced. Innorna was ranked on the lists of "2023 VENTURE50 Ranking" and "2023 VENTURE50 Investment Community of Life and Health".


About Venture50 selection


The Venture50 selection (referred to as V50) was founded by Zero2IPO Ventures in 2006. After 18 years of development, it has discovered and witnessed countless outstanding entrepreneurial companies. In 2023, V50 set up the Ranking List, Emerging List and Industry List based on the different development stages of enterprises, gathered thousands of entrepreneurial projects, and invited hundreds of investment institutions, and more than a thousand investors for review. Its credibility has been widely recognized by the industry and is known as "the vane of the investment value of China's high-growth enterprises".


About Innorna

Founded in 2019, Innorna is committed to developing the world's leading LNP delivery technology platform and innovative RNA therapies to address unmet clinical needs. Innorna has currently established a Diversity-Oriented LNP Library (DOLL) containing more than 5,000 ionizable lipids, which can be applied to the development of a variety of innovative therapies, including mRNA vaccines and drugs, gene editing therapies, and cell therapies. Based on its proprietary mRNA and LNP technology platforms, Innorna has deployed multiple internal R&D pipelines in the fields of infectious diseases vaccines and rare diseases. Currently, three products have received IND approval from the US FDA and entered the clinical development stage. At the same time, Innorna has established partnerships with several domestic and foreign biopharmaceutical companies such as BeiGene to jointly explore the development potential of mRNA/LNP technology in a wider range of therapeutic areas to solve the unmet clinical needs of patients around the world. For more information, please visit the company’s official website​