Awards 2024. 04. 07

Innorna CEO Dr. Linxian Li Named as a 2024 In Vivo Rising Leader

Citeline's In Vivo, the globally renowned resource for life sciences business strategy, recently announced the 2024 ‘Rising Leaders’ list. Dr. Linxian Li, the founder and CEO of Innorna, was honorably included in this list.


The 30 people spotlighted on the list were selected by In Vivo’s professional analysts among entrepreneurs and innovators who emerged in the global healthcare sector in 2024.The focus was on their achievements, talent, creativity and strong leadership. The 30 leaders on the list have all been recognized for bringing new elements to healthcare, representing the next wave of innovation in the industry.


In Vivo’s 2024 Rising Leaders are listed in alphabetical order.



"I appreciate the honor, which is also a recognition of Innorna and China's technological innovation,” said Linxian Li, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Innorna. “At present, China's innovation is deeply integrated into the global wave of life sciences innovation. As a pioneer in the forefront of mRNA medicine and delivery technology, Innorna adheres to the dream of changing the world by technological innovation, pushing the boundaries of mRNA technology application through breakthroughs in the underlying delivery technology, and extending innovation from mRNA vaccines to areas such as rare diseases, in-vivo gene editing and in-vivo cell therapies, hoping to bring more innovative treatments to patients worldwide."



About Dr. Linxian Li

Dr. Linxian Li obtained his Ph.D. degree at University of Heidelberg in Germany and pursued postdoctoral research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After working on lipid nanoparticles (LNP) for more than 10 years, Dr. Li founded Innorna in 2019, a platform-based biotechnology company specializing in innovative mRNA and LNP technologies. Dr. Li has published numerous articles in the fields of mRNA and LNP on top international journals, and has filed over 30 invention patents related to mRNA/LNP technology. In 2017, he was among the first group of young Chinese researchers to receive the MIT Technology Review “Innovators Under 35” Award for his pioneering work in exploring the therapeutic potentials of human mRNA. In 2023, Fortune China listed him as one of “40 Under 40 Business Elites”.


About Innorna

Founded in 2019, Innorna focuses on developing best-in-class LNP delivery technology and advancing innovative RNA therapies to address unmet medical needs globally. Innorna has built a diversity-oriented lipid library (DOLL) of over 5,000 ionizable lipids, which can be applied in various modalities or scenarios, including mRNA vaccines, rare diseases, in vivo cell therapies, etc. Innorna’s comprehensive R&D capability fully supports the end-to-end development of innovative therapies for internal development and external collaboration partners, from discovery to clinical development.


Based on its proprietary mRNA and LNP technology platforms, Innorna has built extensive internal R&D pipelines in infectious disease vaccines, rare diseases and cancer therapies. In addition, the company has established partnerships with pharma and biotech companies, such as BeiGene, to jointly explore the potential of the mRNA/LNP technology in broader therapeutic areas. Since its establishment four years ago, Innorna has been widely recognized by the investment community and industry. It has won many awards, including MIT Technology Review's Global 50 Smartest Companies and Fortune China's Most Socially Influential Startups.


At Innorna, we value INNOVATION, INTEGRITY, EFFICIENCY, and OPENNESS. Innorna is committed to exploring the frontier of mRNA application based on platform technologies and leading the revolutionary step toward expanding the clinical application of mRNA in various therapeutic approaches to fulfill the unmet medical needs of patients worldwide!


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