Awards 2023. 02. 02

Innorna ranked on 2022 Vigorous 100 List

In recent years, China has experienced earth-shaking changes in the external environment. The "technological war" launched by developed countries against China has brought unprecedented attention to the necessity of the development of technology constrained. Technological innovation has become particularly important and domestic policies have tilted heavily towards high technology and core technology areas such as SRDI (Specialized - Refinement - Differential - Innovation. Innovative companies have gained more and more attention. CV Info has released the "Vigorous 100 List" for three consecutive years, focusing on technological innovation tracks including cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, semiconductor chips, biomedicine, medical devices, smart medical care, and enterprise services.


CV Info Vigorous 100 List is based on the activity of growing companies in the above-mentioned tracks in the capital market. The list selects companies with high financing activity and strong growth, and names them with "Vigorous". Vigorous was translated from Chinese character Rui, which means sharp. It is natural for companies to show their sharpness and courage to move forward bravely in the world. Persevering in dreams and focusing on the present, CV Info continues to observe the development journey of technological innovation from the perspective of capital, making the future more achievable.


In this list selection, CV Info Research Institute comprehensively selected 100 top companies based on the three dimensions: external reputation, industrial synergy and industrial influence. The selection was conducted through a comprehensive process of registration collection, questionnaire survey, industry expert visits and data analysis to select companies with the most innovation and highest potential.


Thanks to CV Info Research Institute and experts for their recognition, Innorna won the honor of CV Info 2022 Vigorous 100. We will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and contribute to human health.