Awards 2023. 01. 11

2022 VENTURE Sprouts List and 2022 PEdaily Healthcare VENTURE50

On January 11, 2023, the 2022 Venture50 list initiated by Zero2IPO and PEdaily was finally announced. This selection continues the setting of dual list of the Wind&Cloud List and the Sprouts List and also includes the industry lists. Among them, the companies selected by the Wind&Cloud List are unlisted ones which are at the stage of post-B round or established before 2019. Companies selected by the Sprouts List are unlisted ones which are at pre-B round and established after 2019.


Venture50 (V50 for short) has been established by Zero2IPO since 2006. After more than ten years of development, this selection has become a benchmark for investment in high-growth companies. According to the different development stages of enterprises, we set up the Wind&Cloud List and the Sprouts List, gather tens of thousands of entrepreneurial projects, invite hundreds of investment institutions, and more than a thousand investors to review. We have created a multi-dimensional interactive platform for startups and investment institutions and bring capital to support startup projects. Since 2020, industry lists have been added to explore unlisted leading companies that are industry benchmarks, driving capital's attention and exploration of high-growth companies.


It is a great honor for Innorna to selected to "2022Venture50 Top 50 Sprouts List" and "2022 PEdaily Healthcare VENTURE50". Thanks to Zero2IPO and PEdaily for their recognition of Innorna. We will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and contribute to human health.