Awards 2023. 06. 02

Innorna Awarded the Title of "Shenzhen Potential Technology Unicorn Enterprise"

On May 31, 2023, the list of Shenzhen Technology Unicorn Enterprises and Potential Technology Unicorn Enterprises was released. Innorna was awarded the "Shenzhen Potential Technology Unicorn Enterprise" title for its outstanding achievements and potential in its development of innovative nucleic acid drugs and delivery technologies.


The list is guided by the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, sponsored by Shenzhen innoX, and released by the Shenzhen Unicorn Enterprise Evaluation Committee. It aims to select and cultivate a group of technology companies with both technical strength and market development potential to drive Shenzhen's industrial upgrading and economic development with technological innovation.


The gene of potential unicorn enterprises contains the power of innovation and breakthrough.  These enterprises are the "stars of tomorrow" with the most potential. The selection of Innorna for the list demonstrates that Innorna’s innovation capability, technical strength and development potential have been recognized again. In the future, Innorna will continue to consolidate its hard power in the development of nucleic acid drugs and the construction of delivery platforms, and continue to evolve towards a true global unicorn in the sector of biotechnology.