Awards 2023. 05. 23

CEO of Innorna, Dr. Li Linxian, on "2023 Science and Technology Entrepreneurs" List

Dr. Li Linxian, CEO of Innorna, was honored to be on "2023 Science and Technology Entrepreneurs" list released by 36Kr recently.


For scientists involved in the wave of entrepreneurship, scientific research and business are like the two ends of a seesaw: the ultimate goal of one side is conclusions and results, while the goal of the other side is to satisfy customers and markets as much as possible. It is very rare to find people who can understand both systems of thought at the same time and have the ability to balance them.


In this observation about scientists’ entrepreneurship, 36Kr combined three methodologies including basic information collection, questionnaire survey and on-site interviews, and also established a set of evaluation systems that pay equal attention to scientific research and entrepreneurship. It finally found a group of outstanding entrepreneur scientists.


During his postdoctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Li Linxian studied under Professor Robert Langer, one of the founders of Moderna. Dr. Li made many major scientific research achievements in the field of mRNA and stranglehold delivery technology. In 2017, he was nominated to be China's "35 innovative people under the age of 35" by MIT Technology Review. With profound experience in nucleic acid drug delivery research and the dream of accelerating the development of global innovative therapies, Dr. Li founded Innorna in 2019, making it one of a few Hard & Core Technology companies in the world that have mastered the underlying technology of mRNA delivery and have independent intellectual property rights. In the past 3 years since its establishment, Innorna has received more than 1 billion yuan in financing and has reached strategic cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies such as Zhifei and BeiGene.