Awards 2022. 05. 26

China Healthcare Consulting

TOP15 Best New and Rising Healthcare Companies 2021

China's healthcare industry’s accelerating upgrading and consolidation not only promote the innovation of medical and healthcare technology and business models, but also help the prosperity of investment and mergers and acquisitions market in the industry. Governments at all levels from the central to the local level are paying more attention to the medical and healthcare industry. The investment in the industry continues to heat up and cross-border mergers and acquisitions are surging. Rising on the tide, China Healthcare Consulting (CHC) has partnered with CITIC Securities to launch the “China Healthcare Industry Investment and Financing Honor List”.


“China Healthcare Industry Investment and Financing Honor List” focuses on discovering the treasure candidates in the medical and healthcare industry. Among them are the top institutions with unique insights into the industry, the leading companies with outstanding strength, and visionary and courageous investors, as well as competitive young institutions and cutting-edge startups that are pushing forward the waves of the era.


On the evening of May 26, 2022, CHC and CITIC Securities officially released the “2021 China Healthcare Industry Investment and Financing Honor List”. Launched in 2018, the well-respected list conducted the selection process in line with the principles of fairness, impartiality, objectivity and neutrality. The list reviewed the current situation of investment and financing development in the medical and healthcare industry, and conducted data analysis, horizontal comparison, and full-dimensional dialysis to recognize the value contributors in the industry in 2021 to establish industry benchmarks and explore the hard power behind high-quality investment institutions, listed companies, and innovative enterprises. Innorna won 2021 Best New Medical and Healthcare Company on the “2021 China Healthcare Industry Investment and Financing Honor List”.


About China Healthcare Consulting

CHC is a value platform focusing on the medical and healthcare industry. It is committed to providing online and offline professional services to domestic and foreign medical enterprises, investment institutions and medical industrial parks by leveraging its in-depth research and extensive network in the industry, as well as accumulation in the capital market. It provides medical practitioners with the latest industry information and facilitates cooperation and exchanges. The main business of CHC includes branded conferences, industry alliances, media and corporate consulting.