Awards 2022. 06. 16

2022 Future Healthcare 100 - Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies

Innorna (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. won the honor of “Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies” on the 2022 Future Healthcare 100 list on June 15.



Future Healthcare 100 (also referred to as VB100) is the first domestic innovative healthcare list for non-listed companies launched by VBData and VCBeat Research. The list has become one of the most authoritative reference lists for evaluating future healthcare companies and the bellwether of the development of the industry.


VB100, VBData, VCBeat Research, and VBData Thinktank successfully hosted the 2022 Future Healthcare 100 virtual summit from June 14 through 18, 2022. With the theme of "China Story", this summit gathered 1000+ unicorns and innovative potential enterprises to explore the way of innovation and development. It aimed to select Chinese innovative healthcare enterprises that truly represent the future of the industry, discover the industry’s core strength for the future, promote the innovation of the healthcare industry, and create a platform to connect players across the entire healthcare supply chain.